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Agentiiv helps teams leverage advanced technology to maximize their potential. Better collaborations. Better outcomes.  Better ways of working. Welcome to the future of work. 

Enabling Talent

Expert Agents

Our WorkBetter platform gives you access to powerful digital personalities, AI based Expert Agents, each of whom bring focused and deep expertise in a specific subject matter area. Your conversations are fully private (data is saved locally on your browser and desktop) and you have your choice of which LLM Models to power your chats  (GPT 3.5, GPT4, Claude2, Llama2, PaLM2). 


Marketing Co-Pilots

Introducing your new AI assistants: custom digital personalities designed to excel in specialized roles. From SEO to storytelling, meet the Expert Agents (EAs) that will redefine how you think about executing tasks across the marketing value chain.

Our EAs embody distinct identities, characteristics and expertise areas. The aim is to create immersive and personalized interactions that mimic human-like conversations, revolutionizing the way users engage with AI platforms.  Imagine if you could multiply your perspective through the eyes of multiple experts - with over 40 EAs available as your co-pilot, you'll experience boundless productivity.


Meet some of our agents

Synthetic Persona Focus Group

Ada leads synthetic focus groups with unique personas to test concepts

Graphic Designer - Image Gen

Jonny Go is an Art Director who can generate images using Stable Diffusion

Meeting Summarizer

Mira, an generates structured meeting reports from transcripts

Unlike anything you've seen before!

Experience effeciency

Increase in productivity


Expert Agents


Custom agents


API and all chats are private


Unlock Your Team's

Discover the ideal support solution for your team, no matter its size or needs. From solo entrepreneurs to large enterprises, we offer packages that scale with you. Choose yours and elevate your team today.



Designed for independent consultants.

- 6 expert agents

- Single user.

Ideal for those dipping their toes into automated support.


Designed for small teams getting started with AI.

- 15 expert agents

- 3 seats 

Designed for those ready to take it to the next level.


Designed for teams who need to accomplish more.
- 10 seats

- 20 expert agents, 

Scaleable with the option to add additional seats. 

Team Pro

You can dive in or try a pilot. Please reach out to our sales team for a demo.


About Us

Agentiiv is designing the future of work. Supported by proprietary technologies, we're finding ways to enable teams to work better, be more productive, reduce risk and deliver better outcomes.


  • Under the hood, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT API offer the same model and the same quality. You can view this on their official announcement here: The initial system instruction can be a little bit different, which can be configured to make the AI output different messages from time to time.

  • You can have as many chats as you want. The only limit is your OpenAI API key's limit and your browser storage limit (technical term: Local Storage). Web browser gives you some limited data storage, the actual limit is different for each browser. Typically, you can save thousands of chat conversations without problems, but that's not guaranteed. When the browser storage runs out, you will need to delete old chats to save the new ones. We will provide a separate service to sync and backup your chats soon. Adding the website to your home screen may increase the storage capacity.

  • Agentiiv uses the same underlying model as OpenAI's default chat app. For the same prompt, it can produce different responses each time. The default chat app by OpenAI may also have some initial prompt settings that are different from Agentiiv. If you don't get the response you expects, try "Re-generate Response" or tweaking the prompt.

  • This is the total length of your current conversation. It is calculated by OpenAI's API when you send a message.

    When you reach a certain length, you cannot add any more messages to the chat. This is the context length limit of the OpenAI's API.

    GPT-3.5 16k allows maximum of 16,000 tokens per chat. GPT-4 allows maximum of 8,192 tokens per chat in the 8K model. OpenAI may increase the context length limit in the future.

    Some enhanced features on Gravity5 will increase your token usage. You can always turn these features off in the Settings pannel (click the gear icon in the sidebar). The enhanced features include: Chat Title Suggestion, AI Characters, Upload Document, etc. Amount of tokens used depends on the AI character and the length of your document.

    If you reached the context length limit, you can delete some old messages to continue the chat, or start a new chat.

  • Cost associated with a chat includes the token cost for the chat messages AND all of the enhanced features used for that chat. Amount of tokens used depends on the AI character and the length of your document.

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